CDP a concise program to develop Chatmohar

Like some other poorer territories of Bangladesh, Chatmohar refers to a remote, orthodox and undeveloped region of Pabna district in northern part Bangladesh where 71% people live by agricultural works, 26.9% people remain beyond sanitation facility and only 38.6% are educated. Since our Chairman Saleh Mazed was born here, he feels moral obligation to the dwellers of Chatmohar, therefore, Faiz Foundation had initiated some developments programs in this area in 2014, later we named it CDP (Chatmohar Development Projects).

Aimed to socio-economic development of the residents of Chatmohar, CDP has been operating some programs in the fields of sanitation, education, rural economy and women empowerment. To facilitate proper sanitation, we have set more than 1200 tube wells in 17 villages and 1000+ sanitary latrines as well. CDP deployed a maintenance team of 11 workers under 2 supervisors to look after and to shoot all troubles related with. It observed that heath conditions of particular villages has improved significantly.

We found two types drawbacks while researching on primary education system in Chatmohar, one is insufficient schools and another is poor learning opportunities such as inadequate books to read, shortage of teachers etc. We have established 03 primary schools with all facilities and arranged additional teachers for existing schools. We donate plenty of books both academic and non-academic, purchasable learning instruments like writing papers and pens to the all educational institutions of Chatmohar every year. Moreover CDP provides small grants monthly to 200 under privileged school going children throughout the year, this protects some percentage of students from dropping out of school. So the percentage of educated people raising gradually.

We have a sports club along with academy where lots of young adults get involved here and play football, cricket, badminton, volleyball, chase, carom and other seasonal games. At times we arrange some instructors for them. By the way adolescent boys are also being abstained from adventuring drugs and being terrorist as well. They are learnt also how to be unite voluntarily to achieve common goals.

CDP is promised to upward some socio-economic index of Chatmohar to a desired level within stipulated period that’s why most pilot projects of Faiz Foundation related to rural developments start from here. Our Chairman Saleh Mazed is impassioned to ameliorate the standard of living of residents of Chatmohar and working to see an exuberant and happy Chatmohar.

CDP established two technical training intuitions in the Chatmohar for creating employment opportunity to the jobless people. Mechanical, technological and sorts of agricultural training are proceeded here. At least 469 participants have undergone specific trainings. Most of them got jobs in urban areas, some are doing their own business. Mentionable, some training programs we run for women especially such are garments cutting and sewing operation, bakery cocking and commercial animal firming, by the way they tend to empowering themselves.

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